Our Vision

Source: www.flickr.comAtalentis Group SàRL is a Swiss based company specialized in the football talents development and professional footballers accompaniment. It was founded by three Swiss Football lovers in 2015 with distinct personal skills and backgrounds but with one common main goal:

« respond in solidarity to the client needs by offering a high level of varied services with the aim of maintaining all relationships as healthy, honest, transparent and confident as possible »

With us, you simply are in good hands and your mind in peace. You can rest assured that we will always make our best so that our relationship of trust will last until the end of your career of professional footballer, and beyond…

etoile blackOur union and total solidarity is your best solution etoile black

all togetherAt Atalentis, we believe the union of our different skills and personalities is the best answer to our client needs. We also believe that today, footballers need more than simple agency services, that’s why we provide more to our clients, in different areas, but such as the « Atalentis Technical Guidance ». Today’s professional footballers require energy, reactivity and dynamism. That is why all members of Atalentis are under the age of 35 years old, in order to better respond to our clients needs. It is also important that clients can share their feelings and emotions with somebody that can really understand them so we believe it is definitely a strength to be of the same age group of all our young clients where other agents are too old to really understand the world and challenges a young player is going through in his career. We also never provoke a transfer on purpose just to make money (like most of the market competitors do in order to get an agent fee), our ultimate goal is definitely to have all our clients happy about their respective situation and optimize their progression, on and off the pitch. We do everyday our really best to ensure it…

We are open 365/365, 24/24!

We always want to make sure anyone of Atalentis is there to offer the highest quality of service with the aim of building up long term relationships: of trust, transparence and high professionalism. In Switzerland, we are 5 members, plus a lawyer, an accounting company and a communication agency to help and support you 365/365, 24/24. Organization chart can be discovered by simply asking us on admin@atalentis.ch.

Atalentis mostly detects his clients in Switzerland, where the main target can vary between 12-28 years old. Thanks to its national and international networking, its scouting team and a rigorous recruitment process, it is quickly determined when a player’s profile and personality meet Atalentis expectations and can become client.

Atalentis does not only focus the player technical skills, but also make sure the educational and mental aspects of the player match with the standards and philosophy pre-established by the company. Talent is one important thing, but we believe a player needs other tools to make a professional career at the highest level, like sharing our vision and key values of fighting truly together to achieve the goals we have set. That’s only when both parties (Atalentis and the client+ his family) meet their desire to work together, that the relationship can really begin…

« Our biggest satisfaction and success is to contemplate the confidence we have raised with all of our clients and partners »