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Nici Herter signs his first professional contract with the Grasshoppers Club Zurich!

Friday 13.01.2017

Nice Herter has signed his first professional contractGCZ websiteThe recent new signing of Nike is definitely under the spotlights this winter: yesterday 12.01.2016, the very talented central defender of Grasshoppers Zurich and key player of the Swiss National Team U18 Nicolas Herter, has signed a 2.5 years professional contract with his club of Grasshoppers Club Zurich!

The contract will expire 30.06.2019.

Roman Hangarter, head of the youth department by the Grasshoppers Club Zurich was yesterday very clear to us: this contract rewards the great evolution of Nicolas these past months and some outstanding performances. Roman also mentioned it is a strong signal to Nici Herter proving that the club strongly believes in him and the jump to the Super League has now become smaller…

The captain of GC U18 was extremely happy about this signing in the club of his heart and as we know him, has no doubts at all about his ability to become in a near future an important player of GCZ’s first team.

Congrats Nici for another big step in your career, deserved achievement for your hard work and great recent performances!!! We are all very proud of you!!!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Atalentis celebrates Christmas with a new great signing!

Friday 23.12.2016

Euclides Da Silva is a new Ata-PlayerHe was in our radar already and kept impressing us the last 6 months: Euclides Da Silva, the indefatigable right back of FC Sion U18 has decided, along with his mother, to trust our expertise and join our firm!

Born 5th January 1999, Euclides is part of the most promising talents of the Valais capital club FC Sion. With his team FC Sion U18, he recently won the 3 last games of the first half of league, bringing high level performances for 90 minutes long.

« Eucli » has an amazing stamina capacity, capable of repeating high intensity efforts for the whole game. He also has an excellent technique and a good vision majorly focused on always going forward and taking risks. Mostly positioned as right back in a 4-5-1, Euclides can also play in the heart of the midfield, where he already showed observers his ease at that position.

We are convinced Euclides has all tools to play at the highest level, which requires as we all know, a top athletical capacity.

At this day, Atalentis already received several interests from clubs abroad and especially from the UK. That profile is obviously highly researched by clubs.

We also don’t doubt one second FC Sion quickly react and offer him his professional contract very soon…

Welcome to Atalentis Eucli, we are very happy you have chosen us to guide you to the top!

Finally to all Atalentis followers, we also would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a fabulous new year 2017!!! Stay tuned! 


Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36A 3 years contract for Léo Seydoux!

Thursday 24.11.2016

A new contract for Leo by YB!Léo Seydoux is an important project player for the Young Boys Bern and this has been proved today: Léo Seydoux has signed his first SFL contract (Swiss Football League) of his career for the club of the Swiss Capital.

Léo feels great in Bern and after a few thoughts on the proposal made by « the yellow and black », the Swiss national team player U19 decided to give his commitment to the berner club for the 3 following years:

« That was certainly the best thing for me to stay at Young Boys because I know the club very well now and I feel part of the family. I recently had a good conversation with new Sport Director of the club Christoph Spycher and he told me he clearly believes in me for the future if I keep working hard. I know destiny is in my hands now but I am sure that if I make the necessary efforts, I will get my chance with the professional group pretty soon. I am very happy about this signing! »

This new contract will expire 30 December 2019.

Congrats Leo for this first big signing in your career. We are all very proud of you!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Nici Herter has chosen Nike!

Friday 18.11.2016

Nici Herter will now kick with Nike!Capture d’écran 2015-05-21 à 11.11.16We were all in Rümlang (Region Zurich) this afternoon alongside our client Nicolas Herter and captain of Grasshoppers Zurich Club U18 as well as key player of the Swiss National Team U18, to attend a brilliant presentation in the Swiss headquarters of Nike.

Nici has now decided to become a Nike player, the 4th Nike contract handled by Atalentis since its foundation.

We would like to thank the big american sport brand for its amazing welcome today and look forward to a successful long term relationship between our 2 organizations.

Bravo Nici for this new important step in your career!

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2 other transfers to FC Sion secured by Atalentis!

Thursday 03.11.2016

Cédric Mbenza is a new player of FC Sion!Capture d’écran 2015-07-19 à 12.28.53FC Sion continues his massive investment in the young talents and trusts Atalentis services on the matter. Today, we celebrated the 5th and 6th transfer to FC Sion of a young promising talent!

The first one is well known by the Atalentis followers: Cédric Mbenza, our client from over 1 year ago and member of the Swiss National Team U17, left back, has signed his professional contract of his career (2 years+option).

Lately, he was playing under the dress of FC Basel but rapidly expressed his desire to join the very attractive project from the red and white legendary club, currently 2nd of the Super League and showing with tangible results, his trust in the young players locally developed.

Cédric Mbenza will start his brand new adventure with FC Sion next Monday 7 November, for a first training session with the U21, knowing Cédric is only 16 years old! The young left back is not scared of the challenge: « I am sure I can become the next big left back of FC Sion with the necessary hard training and efforts, and I completely assume the expectations put on me! I am paramountly  happy about this new project in my life! »

The other today’s signing is less known by our followers: Michel Oberlin, born 1999. The Cameroonian background lately kicked for the BSC Young Boys Bern (3 years) and Neuchâtel Xamax (1 season).

This very powerful central midfielder was on the radar of some English clubs but his desire was to join a French speaking club with notable ambitions, and Sion was then the perfect target for him. He also has signed a contract until his 18th birthday plus an option for 4 more seasons. Michel will also start with the the U21 squad of FC Sion and in the same time, he decided to work along with Atalentis!

We are all extremely proud about it and wish Michel best of luck for his new adventure with both FC Sion and us!

Congrats guys for this particular moment in your career and make sure we will be always supporting you!

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Atalentis officialize partnership with the Champion of Zambia FC Zanaco!

Saturday 28.10.2016

Zanaco_FCAnother big hit for our firm! Today 29.10.2016, we are paramountly proud to announce that FC Zanaco, the leading club in Zambia, Africa, will work hand in hand with our members for the next 2 years.

This partnership offers our company, among others, an exclusivity to place the players of FC Zanaco (currently first in the league of Zambia), into Switzerland and some other territories in the world.

We are very proud about this union, as Zanaco FC, under the governance of its chairman Mr. Edward Mutale, has reached over the past decades the really top level in Africa (will be playing the African Champions League next year), by producing some great young footballers.

After CNaPS, another African champion, it will be the 2nd strategic partnership for Atalentis.

Here is a bit of background information on Zanaco fc.

etoile blackZanaco FC should be again Zambian Champion this seasonThe team was found as a social club in 1978. The team was so successful that by the 80’s the team was playing in the local league and was being sponsored by one of the biggest local banks called « Zambia National Commercial Bank« . The name ZANACO is an acronym of the sponsors name.

etoile blackThe team’s achievement are as follows:
6 times national league champions of Zambia
FC Zanaco currently leads the national league with 6 games left before the end of the 2016 league season.
Represented the country at least 9 times in the continental African competitions.
FC Zanaco has also won numerous local cups and in 2016 will also play the final of the local Barclays cup (to be played on 26 November 2016).

etoile black Zanaco FC currently has about 8 players who are on and off in the National team. – The position of players in the current National Team are 3 defenders – 4 midfielder and 1 goalkeeper.
– Zanaco FC has produced a number of players who are playing professional level in countries like China, France, Portugal and South Africa.
– The club is hosting clubs in its stadium « Sunset Stadium« , based in Lusaka
– Finally, the current status of the team is as follows this season: 28 games played in the league, won 20 games, drawn 5 games and lost 3 games. Zanaco has scored 59 goals, conceded 14 goals and 65 points with 6 games left .

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A Magic goal for Aimery‘s debut with FC Sion!

Monday 24.10.2016

Our brand new signing made a very impressive first appearance under the dress of his new employer FC Sion. On one of his first ever touches of the game, he scored this breathtaking goal! This goal clearly was the key of the game as the opponent was on the way to a victory before Aimery changed it all.

Also to be noted that some of our clients were in a goal mood last week-end. Among others, Sébastien Wüthrich scored a goal with FC Aarau and the other Sébastien (Moulin) scored twice on the 3-1 win away in Lausanne.


Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Want to see a stunning goal from Rinjala?

Tuesday 17.10.2016

Last Saturday our client from Madagascar was playing with FC Sion U21 away in Tuggen for a convincing 3-5 win, confirming the current excellent shape of the very young group of the 2nd squad of FC Sion.

That game, played under the eyes of FC Sion’s owner Christian Constantin was doubly special because our client Rinjala Raherinaivo, jersey number 10, scored his first goal in an official game in Switzerland, and what a goal for the 18 years old wonder kid!!!

See yourself in the video below and put a very concentrated eye, because as you will notice, it goes very, very quickly!


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Atalentis signs Aimery Pinga and secures his transfer to FC Sion!

Monday 17.10.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-07-19 à 12.28.53
Atalentis celebrates new great signing and transfer to FC Sion!Aimery Pinga
was the the target of many ambitious Swiss clubs, being at Young Boys Bern one of the most prolific strikers of our country in all categories (U15, U16 and U18). It is now official, Atalentis secured the move of the very talented striker to FC Sion and Aimery, has decided to put his faith and trust in our hands, which we are paramountly proud about.

Born in January 1998 (18 years old), Aimery has big ambitions with his new club: he wants to become the next big number 9 of the club from the Valais state. With his outstanding skills, it is obvious that Aimery has it all to get there, and we will help and support him as much as we can to make sure he now can achieve his biggest goals!

Aimery will have his first kick tomorrow morning for his first training session with the « red and white ». He has signed a 5 years contract, expiring 30.06.2021. Best positioned as pure number 9, Aimery could also show his great touch through games of the different youth Swiss National Team categories (generation 1999). He is an important project player for the A national team in the future, with of course the condition he shines with the current 3rd club of the Super League.

Welcome to Atalentis Aimery and best of luck in your new adventure with FC Sion!

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Adel Alchadli is part of our family!

Wednesday 12.10.2016

Adel Alchadli is a new Atalentis member!!!Capture d’écran 2015-07-19 à 12.28.53Probably considered as one of the most special talents of our country, the recent signing of FC Sion Adel Alchadli has decided to trust the expertise of our firm! Born 13.04.2000, (16 years old), is a fantastic left footed offensive midfielder. His touch is simply smooth and magic and this is probably why the famous club of Al Ahli in Dubai offered him and his family a golden bridge in 2013. Adel was only 13 years old when he left Switzerland where he was actually raised (Montreux region, Vaud) with his parents and brother Wagd (also a footballer) for the country of the Emirates.

At the really beginning of 2016, Adel and family decided however to make the way back to Switzerland in order to better continue Adel’s « European » education and development. Adel then joined Lausanne-Sports for the 2nd half of the season 2015-2016. This is probably when FC Sion fell in love with him and could concretize the interest this summer for making Adel sign a professional contract. Adel simply impressed all specialists at that time delivering some incredible performances.

Considered as the « Lionel Messi » of the United Arab Emirates, it is obvious that the arabic federation will keep on eye on his progression as they expect him to be their number 10 for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022…

Welcome to Atalentis Adel, we are outstandingly proud you chose us to better guide you in your career!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05Kilian Pagliuca on loan to FC Wohlen!

Tuesday 27.09.2016

fcwohlen_logo_qKilian will from now on score goals for FC Wohlen!Given the new strategy chosen by his employer FC Zurich to mainly focus on experimented players this season, our client Kilian Pagliuca has decided to join FC Wohlen on a 9 months loan (until 30.06.2017).

Current best scorer of FC Zurich U21 with 5 goals and 2 assists (2nd best scorer of the league as well), « Kil » deservedly had enough tangible reasons to believe he was ready for a higher level at this stage of his career. The main goal, again, for Kilian, was to play as many minutes as possible at the highest level in Switzerland. The target is now achieved with this loan to FC Wohlen, where the coach Francesco Gabriele strongly hoped for this particular new element to strengthen his offensive department.

Kilian, the ex big talent of Olympique Lyonnais in France, will join this week already his new mates at FC Wohlen on training and prepare the game VS… FC Zurich this Sunday at 3PM.

We are all happy « Kil » will now be getting a concrete chance to play regularly. At only 20 years old (he just celebrated it), time has come for the big things! So, we would like to thank both clubs for making this possible.

We also hope that « Kil » will play great games at FC Wohlen this season and come back next year to FC Zurich with a new important experience in his pocket and certainly, a different dimension…

Best of Luck Kil and congrats for this choice!!!!

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Ivann Strohbach secured a contract with Adidas!

Tuesday 06.09.2016

Adidas logoIvann Strohbach is an "Adi-Player"!Ivann Strohbach, the very promising central defender of Servette Geneva FC, is definitely going through a sweet time of his career in this start of this new season 2016-2017. This past weekend, him, Cédric Mbenza and Steve Perrault won an important tournament in Austria with Switzerland U17. Our 3 clients played some outstanding games and worked hard to get the trophy over other top world national teams like Croatia or even Russia (our 3 clients of year 2000 are deservedly part of the Top 5 Ata-Stars this month).

Going back to Ivann, it is also another special reward to his progresses since he just signed with the famous 3 bands brand Adidas an individual sponsorship for 2 years. The 16 years old Swiss national with Peruvian origins is outstandingly happy about it:

« Since I started to play football in different teams and categories,  I could use and test various soccer equipments from different brands. For me, I always felt the more conformable in the Adidas boots, because they perfectly fit my feet in any kind of weather or any type of pitch. I also appreciated all their products like simply for living clothes or other sports related. I am extremely proud about this commitment to a sport brand that represents to me the excellence in Football »

Atalentis is very happy we could help you handle this contract and meet your entire satisfaction!

 Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Wonder kid Rinjala: transfer to FC Sion is now completed!

Friday 05.08.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-07-19 à 12.28.53Rinjala can smile: his transfer to FC Sion is now completedWe are all very excited to announce that Swiss authorities have granted recent Atalentis signing Rinjala Raherinaivo a working permit. In the mean time, Football instances have approved the transfer of the first Malagasy player to the Swiss Super League.

Rinjala Raherinaivo, 18 years old, called « the little Messi » in his country of Madagascar, will arrive in Geneva airport this Sunday 07.08.2016 by late afternoon and will then be able to start training on Monday with his new team of FC Sion.

We all can’t wait to see what Rinjala will do this season, his very first adventure in Europe.

We would like to thank both clubs of CNaPS (Atalentis official partner) and FC Sion for their work and patience on this matter.

For recording, Rinjala has signed a 5 years contract with the main club of the « Valais » state.

A special warm welcome to Switzerland to you Rinjala!!!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Nicolas Herter: « Soul of a leader… »

Tuesday 02.08.2016: The ATA-Monthly interview – JULY 2016

GCZ websiteAll seasons, youth Swiss leagues included, are all in the fresh start of the season 2016-2017. Some of our clients had a very busy season 2015-16, so the summer break was definitely a chance for them to recover both physically and mentally. Perfect time for little talks with Nicolas Herter, the central defender of Grasshoppers Zurich and Swiss National team U18, who brilliantly finished the past season with a trophy in his hands, and some clear goals set up for the future.

 ATA: Hi Nici, how good was your summer break and could you recover from this very busy past season, where you played a high number of games between your club Grasshoppers Zurich and the Swiss National team?

« I really enjoyed my holidays. The first 3 weeks I had to stay in Switzerland, because school was not finished yet. During those 3 weeks, I took advantage of spending time with friends I barely can meet during the football season. I also used that time for different activities than football, which is very helpful to recover psychologically. Then, when school was over, I travelled to Spain with 2 friends (located close to Barcelona), and then to Como in Italy, with my family. Thanks to my individual daily trainings, I could stay in perfect shape and feel completely ready and regenerated for the new season. »

ATA: What is your evaluation of the past season? Both individually and collectively?

« The big goal of our team was to win the Swiss Cup and the Swiss U18 league. The cup we could win (final won on P.K VS FC Basel), but we unfortunately lost the final of the league against FC Zurich. We can express regrets because winning the league would have meant taking part in the European Youth League tournament… Then with the national team U17, we wanted to get the qualifying for the finals of the Euro championship, sadly we didn’t reach it for so little… Overall, I think it has been a positive season for me. I notice I progressed a lot the last months and that I brought some very good performances. » (naturally we think about this great game at the Swiss Cup Final where Nici was probably best player among the 22)

Nici Herter is ready for the next seasonATA: Your club of Grasshoppers Zurich has tangible expectations towards you for next season and the future, among others giving you the captain armband responsibility next season, how do you manage this role of a team leader?

« I was already team captain of Grasshoppers Zurich U14 and U15, so that won’t be a first time for me. I am actually very happy to be back as captain, I enjoy this responsibility, this is probably part of my nature. That being said, we have a lot of young players in the U18 squad this year, so I will do my best to help each of them, on and off the field. My ultimate goal, is that respect and solidarity are key values in the locker room, so that if we are all united, we can meet great successes this season. There will be competition in the group for sure, as there are obviously some very good players, but I am confident we will all fight for the same goal. And I am glad I now have this responsibility to assume. »

ATA: this summer was above all time of the EURO 2016 in France. What eye did you put on the Swiss National Team this year? Is the Swiss National Team an important target in your career?

« A EURO is obviously a dream for any professional players. I was sad to see Switzerland being disqualified VS Poland. To me was the offensive power of this selection too poor, it should have scored more goals and create more goal opportunities. Beside that, I enjoyed seeing a team united, not like it always was in the past. Now personally, to be one day part of the Swiss National Team A and play a big tournament like a EURO or a World Cup, is definitely a big and important goal… »

ATA: you are a player that brilliantly mix the daily expectations of the Football Elite with those of your high level studies, what is your secret? And what importance do you give to education beside football?

« Well I think the most important elements are discipline and pleasure. Discipline means above all to me to take high care of my body, like enough sleep or a good nutrition. And there can’t be discipline without pleasure. What I mean is that it must be a perfect combination of the 2, because I need to enjoy my daily efforts at football and school to ensure a suitable discipline. At school I have naturally less time than my schoolmates,  so I had to learn how to be as much efficient as possible. We all know Football is a very unpredictable business, nobody can tell with guarantees what future can bring. That’s why it is paramount to me to have a Plan B ready. Also because Football is not the only element that matters. I think there are a lot of other very interesting topics in this world. »

ATA: You also found significant time to explore the practice of Yoga as well as repeating almost on a daily basis the individual ATA-TRAINING technical exercises. How can you describe theirs impacts on your performances lately?

 « The yoga helped me greatly to both relax my soul and body in stressing periods. It also helped me greatly to get more concentration and to meet inside harmony. As per the Atalentis technical exercises that I repeated almost everyday, they have amazingly improved my technical attributes. In comparison to last year, I notice I do much less technical mistakes, both in games and training sessions. It also nourishes the self-confidence, as you simply control the ball better and in more complexed situations, and teammates trust you more easily obviously. I love repeating those Atalentis Exercises, they definitely made my today skills better. At the beginning they seem really hard to do, then you work hard, repeat them and you finally just get used to them and, you automatically notice a great natural development in all areas of your game! It’s a great feeling… »

ATA: Finally, what are you goals for the coming season? Football and beside it?

« This season I at least want to win a trophy and if possible the Swiss League U18. Above all, I want to keep on improving myself  everyday. I hope that I will be ready, at the end of this season, to a jump to the U21 or professional world. On the long term, it is obvious I would like Football to be my job. My biggest dream is to play one day in a club of one of the best leagues in the world… »

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Olivier Custodio signs a new contract with Lausanne-Sports!

Thursday 21.07.2015

Logo LSA new contract for Lausanne's team captain Olivier CustodioAtalentis proud to announce that one of his most performing clients of the past season 2015-2016 (15 assists in official league games!), has signed a new contract with the club freshly promoted to the top division in Switzerland, the FC Lausanne-Sports.

It has been an unforgettable season for Olivier Custodio, that has impressed lot of specialists and experts all past season long with both the jersey of his club Lausanne-Sports or this of the Swiss national teams (U20+U21). While everybody knows we have been approached by many top clubs the past months, Olivier and Atalentis conjointly always thought it would also be a great choice to continue the adventure as team captain of a squad that has pleased everybody thanks to a very attractive and special game-style wanted and designed by the head coach Fabio Celestini, and where Olivier naturally dressed a key role of it.

It is now official, Olivier has signed a new contract, until 30 June 2020 with his « LS ». This contract is obviously the proof of a reciprocal desire to continue to work together and offers our client an obvious and deserved salary increase.

Congratulations to both Lausanne-Sports, a club Atalentis members appreciate to work with, and to Olivier, for the concretization of a new important step in his career.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 17.59.30 7’135 visits for June 2016!!!  Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 17.59.30

Saturday 02.07.2016

We are proud to announce that has been visited over 7000 times in June 2016. Which constitutes the best record since Atalentis creation in August 2015.

Only 11 months of living and already at the highest level. With these statistics, it is obvious that our work and especially our clients get a fantastic exposure.

7135 visits, it is obviously numbers of a leading Swiss company in the Football management.

Thank you all for your interest in our project and continue to show interest in Atalentis!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36

Henri Koide has decided to join Atalentis!

Saturday 25.06.2016

FCZ LogoHenri and his mother Aline have chosen Atalentis!While today the Swiss National Team is playing a very important game in France VS Poland at the Euro 16 and crucially is in need of a prolific striker, here is a forward that will certainly help the federation scoring goals in a near future: in fact, Henri Koide, the very talented striker of FC Zurich, has decided to join our firm today, supported in his decision by his mother Aline.

Henri Koide, whose favorite team is FC Barcelona, has scored 13 goals this season with FC Zurich U15. He was involved in the making of many other goals since Henri has an excellent game reading and an aim of always serving his mates in the very best conditions.

Holding a Swiss Passport, born 06.04.2001 (15 years old), Henri’s dream is to play professional. And if possible get a first kick before the age of 18 years old.

At Atalentis, we love ambitious personalities and with all the talent and potential of Henri, we have no doubt his goal is more than realistic.

Next season, Henri will be the target leader of FC Zurich U16 under the expertise of Headcoach Mr. Valente. We are positive Henri will play a great season and continue to keep making his talent shining over all the pitches in Switzerland.

Welcome to Atalentis Henri!!!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Sébastien Wüthrich leaves South of France and signs 2 years with FC Aarau!

Tuesday 21.06.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-06-27 à 17.13.51

Sébastien Wüthrich is back in Switzerland!
Sébastien Wüthrich is back in Switzerland!

His main ambition was to make sure he could count as many playing minutes as possible the next season. Our client Sébastien Wüthrich has decided to not extend his adventure with Montpellier Hérault Sport Club despite his passion for this region and a running contract until end of June 2018:

« It was not an easy decision for me to leave Montpellier as I really loved the region and culture there, I made a lot of friends that I will never forget.

However, my priority number 1 is to play regularly, and from next season. And even though the coach Frédéric Hantz was considering me as a regular member of the roster like it was the case at the really end of last season, he couldn’t guarantee any steady playing time.

I therefore decided to terminate my adventure in the Hérault and I would like to thank Atalentis and MHSC for having negotiate this release and this very quick transfer.

I am now happy to join FC Aarau, a club used to the highest level in Switzerland and above all, a club where the coach really wanted me. It’s now up to me to work hard and prove that I deserve to be an important member of the Swiss football. FC Aarau has ambitions, me too!  I am ready for that challenge… »

Congrats Seb, we are happy and excited about your new adventure and also confident you made the right decision for your career!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Atalentis celebrates partnership with a move of big CNaPS talent Rinjala Raherinaivo (18) to FC Sion!!!

Thursday 09.06.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-07-19 à 12.28.53

Rinjala Raherinaivo is a new  player of FC Sion and Atalentis!!!
Rinjala Raherinaivo is a new player of FC Sion and Atalentis!!!

Called  « the little Messi » in Madagascar, the very talented left footed dribbler Rinjala Raherinaivo (18 years old) has signed his first professional contract in Europe, on a 5 years duration. Courted by some of the best squads in Portugal and Turkey, the great kid of Madagascar has chosen to follow the direction of his club CNaPS by also trusting Atalentis expertise in managing the career of talents.

Our firm could set up a 7 days tryout at Sion from Monday 23.05.2016 to 31.05.2016, where he quickly impressed all the coaches of FC Sion’s academy. The club from the state of Valais rapidly showed interest in hiring the magic winger, born 25.05.1998, it became official today where both clubs could get on a final agreement.

For Atalentis it’s definitely a great deal, as Rinjala was a player all members were in love with and were totally convinced about his potential. It’s also the celebration of our partnership with CNaPS that we are all proud of, and finally, the signing into our team of an exceptional difference maker.

The transfer will be totally validated when Swiss authorities will grant Rinjala a working permit.

Welcome to Switzerland and Atalentis Rinjala!!!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Atalentis secures official partnership with the African club CNaPS Sport!

Thursday 12.05.2016

cnapsAtalentis Scouting team had watched over the past weeks a considerable amount of games of the African Champions League, in order to identify talents for Atalentis partner clubs in Europe and America and meet their specific needs. In the month of March, Atalentis board has set up meetings in Paris/France with the club of CNaPS from Antananarivo, Madagascar, and it became obvious that both philosophies were matching and both organizations had lots of reasons to work together in the future. And yesterday, it has been signed an official venture between Atalentis and CNaPS that granted our firm a 2 years exclusivity of placement into some territories in Europe/North America of the best talents of CNaPS Sport Club. Atalentis, will among other, contribute to promote the image and excellent work of the club managed by Raoul Rabekoto, General Director of CNaPS Sport.

The international scout of Atalentis is particularly excited about this collaboration:

First international venture for Atalentis!« from all the games we attended and watched  in Africa, CNaPS clearly was the club with more talent and rapidity in the playing. In the game they won in the African Champions League VS the champion of Morocco (2-1), they have totally impressed me! They have midfielders able to make the difference in 1V1 and create danger anytime. And their playing style is very effective as it goes extremely fast to the opposite goal. I am confident some of the best players of CNaPS can play a big career in Europe, as they have a great technique and a big athletic potential.  Therefore, that venture is a tremendous thing for us now and for the future. We all look forward to working together…« 

CNaPS was founded in 1966 in Madagascar and was champion in 2013, 2014 and 2015 of the country. This season, the club reached the 1/8 final of the very competitive African Champions League.

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36

3 new Ata Youth players by Puma!

Wednesday 04.05.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-11-02 à 14.01.19Steve Perrault and Cédric Mbenza have chosen PumaRicky de Azevedo, the great left footed of Servette FC Geneva U15, Perrault Tokam, the playmaker of BSC Young Boys U16 and Cédric Mbenza, the very promising left back of FC Basel have all decided to join Puma, the brand of the Swiss National Team.

All of them could try the very last products of Puma and especially the soccer boots in games and training sessions, and all of them immediately really liked them. Our 3 promising Ata-Youth Talents have chosen Puma for the coming seasons. For Atalentis it will be the the 3rd, 4th and 5th client to adopt the brand of Marco Reus and Antoine Griezmann, after Léo Seydoux and Miguel Rodrigues. For Atalentis members, it’s also a great prove of confidence in our project from Puma Switzerland and we would like to thank them warmly for it.

Such as Ricky!!!Ricardo Alves De Azevedo: « it’s an unforgettable week for me, because in less than 7 days I could sign the 2 first contracts of my career: with my club Servette FC on a 3 years duration and now with Puma, a brand that I always liked. I feel simply great at the moment and I can’t wait for the tournament in Finland this weekend to perform with my mates of Servette in my comfortable Evospeeds. »

Cédric about Puma: « for me it became obvious I wanted to be sponsored by Puma because I feel great in their Evopower and I believe I have a perfect touch and sensation with them. I am really excited ».

Congrats for those great signings guys and first endorsements in your career!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05

Sally Sarr, the adventurer!

Friday 15.04.2016 « The Ata Monthly Interview – APRIL 2016″

Logo FCLOnly 4 points behind FC Sion, our client Sally Sarr and his teammates of FC Lucerne have a serious chance to compete for the qualifying of the Europa League this season. To achieve that goal, they will have to perform for the last 9 games of this passionating 2015-2016 season where Lucerne has alternated the very good and « less good » so far. Time for a special moment shared with our client Sally Sarr, confident about his future.

ATA: « Sally, how do you evaluate your performance this season so far and what are the ambitions of the club for this last sprint of the season? »

« Frankly, I believe the season started greatly for me. I was in a great shape and my mind set up on playing a big season. Then I had to face that unfortunate injury at the highest peak of my shape (Atanote: that was home VS FC Basel, Sally suffered from a partial tibia-fibula fracture on a duel with Breel Embolo) and this of my team. That injury occurred at the worse time for me as I then had to start again everything from zero. Today I am happy to be back in the starting eleven and I am confident my mates and I have everything to get this qualifying for the Europa League.

ATA: « How do you explain the poor level of performances of Lucerne in February (5 times in a row defeated plus the very disappointing semi-final Cup game lost home VS FC Lugano 1-2) and the positive reaction observed from about 1 month? »

« For me there is an important aspect to put under the light between the first half of the season and the 2nd one because during the winter break we unfortunately lost 2 of our key players (Atanote: Lezcano moved to Ingolstadt and Freuler to Bologna) and they were outstandingly important to us in the automatisms, among others. The club had to replace them and the new players recruited had to adjust themselves to our game style, which as everybody knows, takes time. Today, I really believe the chemistry is much better and that we are on the right tracks. »

Sally Sarr is ready for an adventurous future!ATA: « The past seasons we used to see you more playing as right back and rarely as central defender. This season, you majorly played in the heart of the defense. Which tactical position do you feel the most at ease at?

« For me, wherever I have played in clubs, the most important was to be a starter. I keep in mind that I love being on direct duels with the opponents. With this central role, I am always confronting the opposite strikers and I really enjoy it. Nevertheless it is also true that as right back I had more « freedom » offensively, to go in 1V1, cross or shot which I really liked. But you want to know the real truth? I always wanted to play as number 6, that’s the tactical position I like the most! Unfortunately, Professional Football never offered me the opportunity to play that role for some time… »

ATA: « Your contract at Lucerne expires in 15 months from now. At 29 years old, do you believe you could terminate your career at FC Lucerne or you would like to discover a new league/country? »

« I am happy in Lucerne, which is a fabulous city with great fans and the club has excellent infrastructure and a good organization. I want to enjoy every little moment that life offers me here. Then to be honest, discovering a new league or country is naturally something that I always have in my mind. Deep inside my heart, I know I am a real adventures lover! As long as I feel great physically I am going to keep on playing at the highest level. Then, when I will notice I am not good enough anymore on the pitch,  I will modestly accept it and go for some new life projects. Becoming a youth players coach or a scout for example. Football is my life and I want to live in that world even after my career, if possible. »

ATA: « You are the most experienced Atalentis player, what kind of advices would you give to our youngest players? »

« Above all, that they enjoy and love all what they are doing. This to be in training sessions or games. Without pleasure there is no performance. Then I would recommend them to set up clear goals, for the short-medium and long term, and to then do all they can to achieve them. With that in mind, they need to work hard and have the necessary lifestyle and a rigorous nutritional discipline for a better recovery and avoid as much as possible injuries or decreases of energy during the season. Then a very important aspect: listen to people they truly trust for the good of their careers, like their family or Atalentis members. »

ATA: « FC Lucerne (without you because you are suspended for that game) is traveling back to Letzigrund this Saturday at 20:00 and will be facing one of our other clients currently in a brilliant shape, Kevin Bua (3 goals in the last 3 games). Can you tell us if your coach has a special plan to counter Kevin’s speed?

« No. There is naturally a tactical preparation all week long on all adversaries. While our coach knows the strengths of FC Zurich, I am not aware of a specific plan « Anti-Kevin » ;-). »

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05Very performing clients!!!

Monday 11.04.2016

Most of our clients were again in excellent form this weekend, confirming the good trend of  this month of March 2016. For Kevin Bua, it has started already the 20.03.2016 for the big wakeup of FC Zurich and his easy win over FC Vaduz 3-0: our client making the difference in that match by greatly assisting Davide Chiumiento for the first goal and then scoring himself the 2nd goal on PK, and finally being himself hooked in the box for the 3rd goal of his team, PK this time transformed by Oliver Buff. This tremendous performance of Kevin has been again demonstrated 6 days later for the home win over FC St-Gallen (4-0) where he scored another smooth goal from his right foot (the third of the game). Yesterday, he again impressed for the classic game unfortunately ended in a draw 2-2 at Legendary St-Jakob Stadium. He made his entrance in the game at the 68th Minute and scored on his first touch from a beautiful headed straight in the right upper angle. 3 goals and 2 assists for Kevin Bua, making his club FC Zurich shining this month of March.

A great performance for Sébastien Wüthrich this weekend!

Many of our clients can feel about the same satisfaction. Nicky Medja, only 16 years old but already lined-up with FC Sion U18 has played 2 great games in a row: last weekend he offered his team the win 2-1 away at FC Zurich by delivering 2 great assists after 2 individual splendid fulgurances. Despite the 0-0 draw against FC Aarau this weekend, all people attending the game could notice he was the best player among the 22.

We also hope Sébastien Wüthrich is now definitely on his way to gain minutes with Montpellier Hérault SC after he brilliantly made the 2nd team of MHSC win the summit game this weekend, acquiring an excellent 3-0 against the leader of the league. « Saba » scored 2 great goals (1 chipped shot from 35m) and offered the other goal of his team with a genuine pass. That particular game was played under the eyes of the freshly recent hired  MHSC’s head coach Frédéric Hantz, looking now for the best options to save his team in the « Ligue 1″. We really hope Séba has now provided enough to deserve a more important role in team. To be discovered in the next 5 final rounds of MHSC this season, all of them of crucial importance.

Sally Sarr has also recovered his best level for the biggest happiness of his club and in particular his Head Coach Markus Babbel, now on the way of a qualifying for the Europa League after 4 consecutive games withouts defeats and where our client has been important, assuring stability of his team by playing some good games in the heart of the defense of FC Lucerne. Remarkable too since the very bad result home VS Cham (13.03.2016, 1-2), the central defender of Servette FC Christopher Mfuyi is back at his very best shape. He was totally impressive of tranquility and confidence the last 2 games of Servette FC VS Basel II and FC Zurich II (facing that day our other client Kilian Pagliuca, excellent too since his arrival at Zurich). On the way to promotion Chris Mfuyi and SFC!

Steve Perrault Tokam (scored a goal this weekend with Young Boys U16) and Ivann Strohbach (captain of Servette FC U16) were travelling to Portugal the Easter weekend with the National Team U16. They could play 3 interesting games in this title tournament (VS Norway, Hungary and Portugal) totalizing 1 draw and 2 defeats. Ivann was probably the best player of Switzerland U16 during the game VS Portugal (Switzerland lost 2-0). A great international experience for our 2 clients.

Discover here the Top 5 Ata-Stars of March 2016 and other Ata players on fire!

 Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05Léo Seydoux signs with Puma

Wednesday 30.03.2016

Capture d’écran 2015-11-02 à 14.01.19Léo Seydoux is a new Puma Player!Léo Seydoux, who recently played a great game with the Swiss National Team U18 against Italy, will vehicle the colors of Puma for the 3 following years. He indeed just concluded a contract until 30.06.2019.

Léo Seydoux, who is very thankful towards Puma Switzerland for allowing him to try his best soccer boots to make his decision:

« I could try the different soccer boots of Puma in games and training sessions and I rapidly felt in love with their « Evospeed » model. I am glad I could conclude a contract with Puma as I really enjoy their boots and products »

Léo Seydoux is now officially the 2nd « Puma Player » after Miguel Rodrigues, other client of ours and as much as Leo, a promising player for the Swiss National Teams.


 Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05Atalentis UK has launched its homepage!

Thursday 10.03.2016

You won’t miss any developments from our affiliate company in London! Atalentis UK has now launched his own homepage: . Ian Luck and his partners continue to expand our brand and operations overseas.

Dont’ miss an opportunity to know more about Atalentis UK and their progress.

Go visit it now!

 Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Mario Sekovski: « no better feelings than just (re)playing… »

Tuesday 07.03.2016  « The Ata-Monthly Interview – MARCH 2016″


Mario Sekovski, transferred last summer by Atalentis Group from FC Fribourg to FC Zurich, has met some unfortunate obstacles since he lives in the main economical city of Switzerland. The versatile midfielder indeed has had to face some injuries (adductors) that maintained him off of almost all games of his new team FC Zurich U16 this first half of the season 2015-16. New year starting, new perpectives, new time… The native from Macedonia finally made his comeback last Saturday 05.03.2016 at 15:39, for his biggest satisfaction. Great feelings, collected right after his game:

Mario savors his happiness to be back in the game...
Mario savors his happiness to be back to play…

ATA: How long did you have to stay off the field this first part of the season and how did you manage this hard time?

« For the first 4 months with FCZ I couldn’t take part in almost any training sessions. It has been hard for me. Even though my mates integrated me greatly, it’s never the same feeling when you have to stay away from the game and the real competition. It was especially hard for me because I knew the club had big expectations on me since they believed and invested on me. I was mad sometimes of not being able to show them what I was capable of… That was very frustrating… This is now over and I am so excited to be back on the pitch. The coach, the medical staff and people of the club have been always supporting me, they have been really unbelievable with me… »

ATA: How do you feel now physically and does your old injury still hurt you a bit?

« I played 20 minutes last Saturday VS FC Lucerne (FCZ won 4-1 away) and I have had no pain at all. In the 2 last weeks of trainings I felt outstandingly good physically. Of course, we never really know what is the future made of, but I am confident this bad and unlucky time is now definitely behind me. »

ATA: Tell us what emotions you felt last Saturday for your comeback?

« Every past Saturdays I had to sit on the bench watching my mates in games. I really suffered from not being able to play and help them in the critical moments. My hunger of playing was so big… When the coach put me in this weekend at the 70th minutes, I felt like my heart was about to explode, so joyful that moment was. There is no more intense feelings and sensations than this one: being back on the field and play a game… »

ATA: What are your ambitions this season and in the future with FCZ?

« All I want in this 2nd Half of the season is to cumulate games and show my quality and impact on the team. As per my goals with FCZ, I feel outstandingly happy in this club. It’s my mission to give everything everyday in order to reimburse what the club offered me as opportunity to be here. I am going to work as hard as possible to be a successful player of FC Zurich. This is my major goal. I am 16 years old, if I work enough hard and if luck is by my side, I am confident I soon could be part of the professional team, which would a very big accomplishment already… »

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.02.36Atalentis secures Kilian Pagliuca a 4.5 years contract with FC Zurich!

Monday 15.02.2016

FCZ Logo

Kilian Pagliuca is now a FCZ Player!!!
Kilian Pagliuca is now a FCZ Player!!!

Announced the 8th of December 2015 as new client of Atalentis Group SàRL, the big Swiss talent Kilian Pagliuca has just signed with FC Zürich. Fort the best of his career, it was very understandable that the promising talent from Geneva wanted to come back to his original country. As always, our members have analyzed with him all possible options and it seemed rapidly obvious that our client had a special interest and feeling with the club of the town of Zurich, for what they have shown in the past seasons and the multi successes in exposing, developing and exporting some of the finest Swiss Talents.

Kilian (19 years old, 1m89) is outstandingly happy about his first professional contract and very confident about his capacity to soon be a leader of FC Zurich’s attack: « I am so excited about this new adventure. I felt it was time for me to go for a new challenge. I am in Zurich to succeed and to become one of the most prolific forwards of the country. I have no doubt I can achieve it. I am ready to work hard and put all necessary efforts for it. I would like to thank Mr. Canepa and his wife Heliane for their confidence in my skills and potential, and for granting me a 4.5 years contract. I know I will not disappoint them… Finally, a big thank you to Olympique Lyonnais too, I have had an amazing time in Lyon and I know my experience with OL will always serve me in the future for the best of my career ».

For his first training session with the U21 of FC Zurich, Kilian scored a hat trick at the little final internal game, great signal for his future in Blue and White!

Congrats Kilian, we are very proud of you and confident you will achieve your dreams by having chosen FCZ!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05

Atalentis Group secured Xavier Kouassi a Designated Player contract with New England Revolution in the MLS!

Tuesday 02.02.2016


Xavier is outstandingly happy about his future adventure in the MLS!
Xavier is outstandingly happy about his future adventure in the MLS!

Announced yesterday by the majority of the medias in Europe and North America, Xavier Kouassi, the captain of FC Sion, has decided to join the New England Revolution in the MLS. A work handled by Atalentis Group members, friends of the ambitious club from Massachusetts, USA.

For all members of Atalentis Group, it’s a big honor and the first contract concluded with the growing league of the Major League Soccer. It was part of the ambitions of our group to build up and maintain close relationships of trust with some clubs of the MLS, and especially New England Revolution, a club that has shown a high quality of playing the past seasons, under the smart guidance of a very skillful technical staff, leaded by Jay Heaps and Tom Soehn, among others.

Xavier is outstandingly happy about this contract and new adventure overseas: « Being a DP, I know there will be a lot of expectations around me, but I am very confident about my ability to assume it and to show my very best for my new club. New England plays a very attractive and aggressive football that completely matches with my skills. I hope it will lead to many wins and that my dream of conquering the MLS trophy will become true. »

Xavier has signed a 18 months contract starting July 2016, with 2 more years in option.

We would like to thank all New England Revolution members for their confidence in our services and for their high professionalism in closing this very sensitive and important deal.

And finally, congrats to you Xavier! We are confident you will do great in the MLS!

Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05

A 2.5 years contract for Olivier with Adidas!

Wednesday 27.01.2016

Adidas logo

Olivier Custodio has signed with Adidas!
Olivier Custodio has signed with Adidas!

The freshly nominated for the best Player of the Challenge League at the upcoming « SFL-Awards » has made up his mind with regards to which sport brand will accompany him in the future: our client, captain of Lausanne-Sports, has just signed a contract with the famous brand of the 3 bands! A very happy achievement for Olivier, a player that always admitted his admiration for the German Brand:

« This contract is a great honor for me and another solid prove that I am currently on the right way in my career. Adidas has always been the real « brand » of Football, present in all big Football Tournaments in the World such as the Champions League or the World Cup. And it’s the brand of the legendary Zinedine Zidane… I always liked their products, like their balls or their Football shoes. I am really excited about this new relationship and I know I will reimburse the confidence Adidas placed in me by bringing some great performances in 2016″

For Atalentis Group, Olivier is the first « Adidas Player ». This contract expires in July 2018.

Congrats Oli and keep up the great work!

 Capture d’écran 2015-09-23 à 18.48.05Will sound simply… better, for all Ata-Clients!!! 

Monday 18.01.2016

New Ata-Covers!
New Ata-Covers!

« Always there with you!!! »

All Atalentis clients will receive their gifts for the new year 2016 very soon: we are all proud to announce that we have created, in collaboration with our communication agency « Point Carré SàRL » in Vevey, customized smartphone covers for all of our clients!

Those objects, greatly designed, will follow our players all season long and will be followed by another personalized gift, this one created with our other official partner « Ochsner Sport ».

Announcement to come up shortly…!

Stay tuned for other « Ata-Creations »!